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    Super Premium Cat Litter 100% Natural High Performance 4.4 lbs or 8.8 Lbs | Maximum

    By Golden Breeze

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    From: $10.99$12.99

    Quick Overview

    • 100% all natural high performance litter
    • Used minerals act like sponges to absorb smells
    • Granulars keep shape without turning muddy
    • Maximum performance and low maintenance
    • 100% recyclable and eco-friendly

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    Would you like an odor free and a cat litter that doesn't look like mud? Then look no further. Here is a cat litter that offers both an odor free and no mess cat tray. The cat litter is made from Montmorillonite which are used minerals that form into clay-like particles. These unique particles absorb and trap all the unpleasant odor your cat's urine leaves behind. Because these particles are like clay, they will not turn into mud and turn into a mess leaving your cat with clean paws. Also, your cat can hide it's feces without having messy paws. This cat litter is 100% recyclable and is also eco-friendly. It's also 100% natural and is non-toxic. So if you'd like to come home after a long day and find your home odor free of cat urine look no further.

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