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    Small, Medium or Large - Ritmax Dog Harness

    By Ritmax


    Quick Overview

    • Ritmax Medium Dog Harness Hind Quarters Black
    • Training, Walking, No Pulling
    • Compatible with all leashes
    • Great Comfort for Your Dog; fits over the rear portion of the dog is designed to greatly reduce pulling

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    The Ritmax harness is fitted at the rear part of the dog. This enables the dog to walk freely, while the owner controls the dog's submission area. If the dog pulls or lunges, the harness tightens around the hips and abdomen, which reduces the dogs lunging power by up to 30%. Most dogs look backwards when the harness tightens, which breaks eye contact with whatever object the dog was lunging towards. The rear harness is also more humane, as it does not allow a dog to choke themselves with excessive pulling. Size medium accommodates dogs with a belly circumference between 19-24".

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