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    Flavored Rawhide Chips | 2 Pounds | 100% Natural Rawhide Chews for Dogs | Bacon, Beef, Hickory Smoked or Vanilla

    By 123 Treats

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    Quick Overview

    • ALL NATURAL - 100 % all natural free-range cow beef hides chips. 

    • VARIETY - Flavored Rawhide Treats with four flavors to choose from. (Bacon, Beef, Hickory Smoked and Vanilla)

    • SATISFIES DOG'S CHEWING NEEDS - Dog chewing all natural rawhide chips can help divert your dog’s attention away from destructive chewing behaviors and encourage a new positive chewing habit. Chewing can provide your dog stimulation and help relieve anxiety.

    • QUALITY CHEWS - Certified eco friendly product, 123 Treats Rawhide comes from Southern Brazil cows, where the cool climate reduces external biological impact (such as fleas and ticks). Providing better quality rawhide.

    • GREAT FOR ORAL CARE - Helps promote healthy chewing habits along with better oral health care. This all natural Rawhide chips chew when chewing can help reduce tartar build-up and massage gums. Always supervise your pets while enjoying any chews, treats or bones

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    1 bag with 2 pounds of delicious Rawhide Vanilla Flavored Chips. Non-staining recipe

    Additional Information

    Good product!
    I suppose that my dog would give it 5 Stars! :-) she is the one that approves everything. I used to buy The Bully Sticks, and Abner would just chew on them and take his time, but Mia would just chew them down in a few minutes! And they are not all that cheap! But I bought a pound of these Rawhide chips and they just came in the mail today and she really seems to like them! So I will give them a 5-star review!
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