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    Proline Easy Steps for Dogs | Pet Ramp | Collapsable and Non-Skid Car Ramp for Dogs by 4pets

    By 4pets


    Quick Overview

    • Easy In, Easy Out - Easy Steps for Dogs is a lightweight, non-skid ramp that helps your dog get in and out of your vehicle easily and safely, without jumping
    • Telescopic design - The EasySteps dog ramp slides together neatly and compactly to a size small enough to fit in any car trunk. It is so simple it can be done with just one hand, so the other hand remains free to hold your dog. A further unique technical feature is the integrated Slide Brake Control System.
    • High Quality - The EasySteps dog ramp is made of high-quality materials. All parts are weatherproof, extremely durable and recyclable. The dog ramp can be cleaned easily with a pressure washer or garden hose. Plus it goes without saying that all components used are free of toxic substances.
    • Use only in conjunction with authentic ProLine Dog Crate
    • Lightweight and Compact - telescoping ramp stores easily, and can be operated with one hand so you always have one hand free for your dog. The EasySteps dog ramp weighs only 11.9 lbs, which makes it easy and comfortable to handle.


    Easy Steps for Dogs provides a healthy, pain-free way for your dog to get in and out of your vehicle. Small or nervous dogs may be unable or unwilling to make the leap. Older dogs, dogs with joint pain or those recovering from injuries or surgery may need extra help. With Easy Steps, you can provide your pet with a safe, effortless way to come along for the ride -- whether you're driving across the country or to the corner store. This compact, durable ramp is easy to assemble and simple to use. With its sturdy frame and honeycomb construction, Easy Steps safely accommodates dogs up to 220 pounds. The grooved structure of the Easy Steps surface keeps your pet from slipping, even in the rain. Large rubber feet at each corner grip any surface and prevent damage to your vehicle. Weighing in at just 11 pounds, Easy Street lives up to its name. Most pet owners can easily lift the ramp in and out of the car, and its sophisticated telescoping design requires only one hand, leaving your other hand free for your pet. Easy Steps Easy Steps works in combination with our ProLine Dog Crates (sold separately). The Easy Steps ramp is easy to store in the rear of your vehicle. Easy Steps was designed by Swiss engineers and manufactured in Switzerland. We mean it when we say, ''Drive Well, Arrive Safely.''

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