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    6 or 12 Inches - 1 or 2 Pounds - Bully Sticks For Dogs | 100% Natural Dog Chews From 123 Treats

    By 123 Treats

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    From: $34.06$69.99

    Quick Overview

    • Long lasting bully chew
    • Sourced from free range cattle and livestock, with NO Added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics, these products are made in a completely natural process
    • Excellent Alternative to Rawhide
    • Our bully sticks are all 100% digestible and promotes good dental health
    • Please note: 1 pound of bully sticks is NOT equal to 123 Bully sticks

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    Nutritious and healthy meals are important to all of us. The occasional goody is also a part of our diets too. The same is true for our beloved four-legged friends. Our furry companions like to be rewarded as much as we do. When you are a pet owner one of the most important responsibilities you have is to make sure your dog gets all of its basic needs met. This includes making sure your pet gets plenty of exercise by going on a daily walk and providing the most nourishing and healthy meals possible for your faithful four-legged companion. In between those meals when you offer your pet snacks as a reward or treats those should be healthy options as well. Each of these things is an essential piece to make sure your pet is healthy, thriving and growing. There are so many snacks available for dogs that you might feel like it’s hard to pick one that is healthy for your dog and tastes great also. One snack that is popular for dogs is the bully stick. These little snacks are chewy and last a long time. Your pet won’t be done in a minute and looking for more like some treats. They also come in a variety of flavors and are a healthy alternative for your pet when he might be begging for, and being allowed, whatever treats and foods that you are eating. These high quality bully sticks are perfect for any dog and are made from a quality cut of meat. While they keep your pet happy for hours you can feel good knowing they are 100 percent natural and are easy for your pet to digest. Bully sticks will also benefit your dog’s dental health as he chews and bites on the meaty snack. Some treats have a texture that can turn pets off but these do not. The consistency is one that most dogs enjoy. When you purchase these pet snacks from 123 Treats you won’t have to worry about your pet ingesting hormones or other harmful chemicals that have been added needlessly. Your pet will thrive from a healthy diet. These popular beef treats are made from cattle from Brazil.

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