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    2/11/2019 3:32 PM Comments Posted By Admin

    Valentines Day is about love, whether it is showing your spouse, friends, or family. Don’t forget about your paw family members. They also need you to show extra love to them and let them know how special they are to you.  Here are a few ways to show them some love.


    Treats, treats and more treats


    Dogs are in love with most treats, on extra special days, pick a treat that they don’t normally get.  It will get them more excited to try something new.  Another good option is to give them assorted dog chews. This gives them the opportunity to try new treats and have a variety to choose from. Assorted treats usually come in smaller packaging, so you don’t have to worry too much about overfeeding your dog.


    Walks, walks and more walks


    Spending more time with your dog means paying extra attention on things they would like to do.  Most dogs like going for walks. It gets them out of the house and they get to see so many things. Fresh air certainly does the body good, not to mention all the other people walking their dogs you can socialize with while your dog gets to meet new friends.


    Cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles


    There is nothing that shows more love then a good long cuddling session with your dog.  Life can get so busy with all the day-to-day routine. Sometimes we forget to stop and take a moment to appreciate what we have.  This Valentines day, make a point to have a nice long cuddle with your fur family.  The benefits you both will get from this experience are priceless.


    Toys, toys and more toys


    Dogs love playtime, especially when it involves their owner. A dog toy can help enhance the playtime experience with your pet. For example, playing fetch with a ball, tug of war with a rope toy or a squeaky toy to get him excited.  Anytime you spent with your dog will be appreciated and in return he will show you even more love. 


    Hope this short list can help give you some ideas to show your dog how special he is this Valentines Day. Remember everyday should be special, but make Valentines Day extra special for your paw family.


    Happy Valentines Day everypawdy!

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