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    100% Natural Beef Bones in a Bag - 1 pound bag | Mix assorted bones for dogs - Pork bone, Knuckle, Shin, Tibia and Knee Caps from 123 Treats

    By 123 Treats


    Quick Overview

    • A 1lb bag that has an assortment of bones that include pork and cattle bones. Here is a list of bones you are going to find in our assorted bag: knuckle, shin, tibia and knee caps. Note: Not every bag contains all of the listed bones above.
    • Comes from free-range cattle
    • 100% all natural bones, which DO NOT contain any artificial or chemical additives
    • Can provide some healthy nutrients that your dog could be missing and also help with the cleaning of your dogs teeth
    • Keeps your dog busy for a while as it enjoys a healthy treat to chew


    A 1lb bag that includes an assortment of different bones that include pork bone, knuckle, shin, tibia and knee caps. No added hormones, steroids or antibiotics. These are a great source of protein with bold flavors and low on fat. Our treats come from free-range cattle from Brazil. Let your dog enjoy chewing these wonderful flavorful beef and pork bones that can provide some nutrients that they may miss from their daily diet. These beef and pork bones can also provide some dental treatment from hours of chewing, while cleaning the build up on their teeth. Place your order today at 123 Treats. ALWAYS remember to keep an eye on your furry friend while they are enjoying these wonderful treats or any treat that they may chew on.

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